In addition to being effective barriers against weather, soffit, fascia and trim can elevate the value and curb appeal of your home. Since soffit covers the bottom of the eaves, many homeowners don’t think about its cosmetic appeal. However, on larger porch areas the soffit is very visible and can transform the feel of your space. Fascia is more exposed than soffit and therefore plays a larger role in curb appeal.

Protecting your home from excessive moisture is one of the biggest priorities for any homeowner. Proper upkeep of soffits, fascia, and trim helps keep unwanted water out of your home and save you from costly repairs. While soffits run along the bottom of your eaves that lean over the roof edge, fascia boards trace your roofline and support gutter systems. Trim outlines almost every installation of your home exterior, including siding, vents, windows, and other openings. These external features work together with your roof and gutter system to defend your home from water infiltration.


Serve as a ventilation system for your home. In order to achieve this, soffit material has mini holes or vents in a variety of configurations. Increasing the airflow of your home helps rid it of unwanted moisture in your attic and the interior of your home.

Any part of your home exposed to the elements will need repairs or replacement at some point or another and that includes soffits. Gutter leaks or overflow can allow water to enter your home and cause damage in the soffits. Small animals and rodents can also make their way into the soffits leading to more damage.

Our expert technicians install soffits that will match the design of your home, improve its outward appearance, and withstand weather conditions.

Fascia boards

Play an active role in your gutter system to direct water away from places it can cause harm. Improperly attached gutters and heavy precipitation will damage fascia, which leads to multiple problems. If you notice bent or leaning gutters, broken or missing fascia, or any other signs of damage you should take action immediately to prevent further damage. We work with an array of materials, and our professionals have decades of experience.


Trim borders most external features of your home and acts as a sealant to repel water and protect openings and potential weaknesses. This includes any openings like doorways, windows, and vents as well as siding, soffits, and more.

Some sections of trim may need extra protection from extreme temperatures and harsh climates. We use trim wraps to cover vulnerable trim areas to act as a type of armor for the trim. Trim wrap shields the trim from rough weather and makes exterior maintenance much easier and less frequent. Let us assist you with your trim and wrap needs to ensure you get the best quality work at the lowest possible price.

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