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Unfortunately, recovery after a storm can take a long time. Whenever there is a major storm event, one of the largest factors in your ability for you to repair the damages sustained to your property is dealing with your insurance company. This can be an intimidating and daunting task for any property owner who tries to take on this responsibility by themselves.

Extreme weather events can cause significant damage that can range from complete destruction to other issues that are far less obvious. Insurance adjusters often only report what is clearly visible, however, some of the most costly storm damage that is often overlooked can lead to latent damages that can manifest and cause significant issues down the road.

Dealing with Insurance Companies

The unfortunate truth is your insurance company doesn't usually have your best interests in mind. Insurance companies are for-profit businesses with the primary goal of making money for their stakeholders. There are many tactics used by insurance adjusters to delay, deny, or underpay your claim in order to limit the amount of the claim they submit to your insurance company. When they can offer a patch or partial repair, or the use of cheaper materials to make repairs instead of the use of proper repair methodology and material, they will save money at the expense of the homeowner.

In addition to this, there are also many inexperienced insurance adjusters who are brought in from out of town after a major storm event and are not knowledgeable about Virginia's building codes, laws, and other regulations.

In any event, this usually ends up with you, the property owner, receiving a settlement that is far less than what should have been covered to restore your roof and overall property correctly.

The fact is 90% of property owners accept the first offer that their insurance company provides them. In turn, this results in:

  • Unjustified denials.

  • Piecemeal patching (if repaired in this manner, many roofs will not be repaired according to manufacturers' specifications, which will leave your roof vulnerable to leaking and becoming worn out far before its warranted life expectancy).

  • Roof replacements are underpaid making it difficult or impossible for a reputable roofing contractor to be able to install your roof properly, with quality materials and up to current code standards.

There's No Need For Concern - Call Jayhawk Exteriors!

We can help guide you with filing a new claim as well as assist in negotiating a proper settlement in the case that you have already received what you believe to be an unjust claim settlement. We have the team, expertise, strategic partnerships, and 20+ years of experience helping property owners navigate through the tedious insurance claims process.

We know all of Virginia's building codes, matching laws, and other regulations, as well as how insurance companies operate. Jayhawk Exteriors will advocate on your behalf, provide your insurance company with the proper scope of work required to repair ALL damages sustained correctly and help wear them down until a fair settlement has been reached and you receive the proper compensation that you are entitled to. Our team is standing by, so if you have questions about your claim or damage to your home or commercial property, get in touch with us today!

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